The Essence and Core Values

Inspired by Love:
We do Community in a spirit of
Worship, Accountability and Excellence.

And now abide Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is:

Love... Is more than a Value. It is the Essence of Grace8. We love, because He loved us first. We believe in each other, because He believed in us first. That is our inspiration. To share His Love and Belief in the world ever more widely, with every person we come into contact with.

Love is our guiding Light, as it is in Heaven. But we also understand that perfect love is rooted in holiness, righteousness and justice in all our relationships - with our Heavenly Father as well as with all His children - saved and unsaved

To live this Essence, as the guide to our being and conduct, we need to live the following Core Values and their guiding Behaviours in: