Partner Communities

Taking hands with our fellow believers, in union as the bride of Christ.

24 Hour Worship

We are already in the process of setting up an interim place of worship, while we are busy with the planning of the 24 hour place of worship. The live streaming system is also in the process of being set up and we foresee that it will be live early in 2015.

The Lord is busy calling His people in deeper and deeper. He is establishing a royal priesthood, a chosen nation unto Him. People who will worship Him in Spirit and truth. Not just a physical building, but where the hearts are circumcised and the only love found is Christ. A place where He is worshiped as the only King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The place where new songs flow like new wine. Where the river of God flows from His throne. This place where dancers will unite in adoration before Him, where flags of praise will be raised. A place where the broken-hearted will be healed, where the sweet awesome presence of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, will be known. A place where the fire of God will be ignited in the hearts of those He has called. A place where those that need to be restored, will be made whole. As it is in heaven, so it will be on the earth.

A 24 hour place of worship: an open portal into the heavenlies. Come and join us as we worship Him in Spirit and truth.

(At this moment we are the process of setting up the place of 24 hour worship, as soon as we are ready, we will make known where it is and how to join us. Please pray for us, while we are busy with this amazing project.)