Partner Communities

Taking hands with our fellow believers, in union as the bride of Christ.


The heart of volunteering flows out of a passion for our Bridegroom and King, Jesus Christ and His passion for His Bride and the world. When the Lord lays it on our hearts to serve Him, it must come out of our relationship with Him, working alongside Him. This means that we must serve other people around us, as if it is He serving them. We all know the part of the Scripture where Christ washed the feet of His disciples, and then went so far as to lay down His life. In this way He laid down the blueprint for our lives. In the same way, He expects of us to serve Him.

If you have it in your heart to sow your time, talents, resources, whatever, you are most welcome to join us. It takes the whole body of Christ to touch the hearts of the world - we need you.

We believe that by serving one another, we fulfil one of the commands of Jesus, where He calls on us to love one another. Loving and serving one another portrays the heart of Christ.

On a practical level, we have compiled a basic questionnaire so that, when you submit your application, we already know who you are and what you can do. We pray about each and every volunteer, and hear from the Lord whether you should join the Grace8 ship for a season.

In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers. We need every person to whom the Lord speaks to pray, as we truly believe that there can be no greater gift of love than prayer.