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Prophetic Word:

Prophetic words are given as a gift by the Lord Jesus.

The main purpose of a prophetic word is to strengthen, encourage, instruct, comfort or edify the Bride of Christ. When somebody receives a prophetic word from the Lord, something happens in their spirit - it is awakened and faith is ignited. A word from the throne of God can set the world on fire. His word can turn mourning into dancing, set the captives free, create such liberty. The Lord wants to walk with us, as He walked with Adam and Eve in the garden. He had a personal relationship with them. It is the same today. The Lord wants to walk with us in a supernatural, yet intimate relationship. The timely prophetic word helps grow this walk with God.

On this page, you will find prophetic words as the Lord gives them to us to equip His Bride. May His words encourage you to spend more time with our King, Jesus Christ. May you grow so hungry for His presence, may You see Him face to face. Become strong in the Lord, test each prophetic word against the Word of God, the Bible, seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel and grow in faith with our precious Messiah, the Lover of our souls, Jesus Christ.