Partner Communities

Taking hands with our fellow believers, in union as the bride of Christ.


When we become more and more like Christ, we are called to walk as He walked, act as He did, and be as He is.

Jesus, the One that intercedes on our behalf at the Father’s throne. Our most glorious Intercessor calls us to intercede for those around us, both the saved and the unsaved. Those He came to lay down His life for. Intercession isn’t just words, it is a humble and contrite spirit, turned in utter dependence to the throne of the Father, standing on behalf of a person, a community, a case, pleading together with the Holy Spirit for them.

Many times when we intercede, the Holy Spirit prays through us. As we yield our hearts, our emotions and wills to the Father, the almighty Spirit of God intercedes through us. Isn’t that amazing. Our Lord uses us as His vessels. When we pray in line with the will of God, and in line with Scripture, mountains move. Nothing can stand against the will and truth of God.

If you are called to be an intercessor, and feel in your heart that you must pray for us, would you please register here, so that we can send our prayer requests to you. Thank you so much for praying for us. As the body of Christ we need to pray for one another. Please, we believe this is the most important part of any ministry - prayer warriors, even if you pray only one sentence, this is a mighty act in the spiritual world.

If you have a prayer request, you are welcome to send it through, and we will see to it that our intercessors receive it.