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Taking hands with our fellow believers, in union as the bride of Christ.

Counselling and Restoration

Many people, and especially leaders, have been deeply hurt, disappointed or disillusioned. There is an increasing and pressing need to rest, be restored, and to grow “new” feathers in the Lord’s presence.

The ministry with which Grace8 has had the privilege of taking hands, is just such an end-time counselling ministry. With their soft spirits, totally yielded to and dependent on the promptings of the Holy Spirit, they have led many broken-winged eagles to restoration in this place of safety.

Online Counselling Portal

True to Grace8’s calling, to set-up structures, a 24 hour counselling portal has been set-up, with a live chat function for anybody that needs immediate help. Grace8 wants to and has taken hands with many counsellors and supporting ministries, to provide help to those that are in trouble. If you have been called as a counsellor, or has a passion to help people, and have an hour or two a week available to help out as an online counsellor, please register with us. It is a free service that we supply, and you do not need to be a qualified counsellor to help out.