Partner Communities

Taking hands with our fellow believers, in union as the bride of Christ.

Achieving the Vision:


Joining hands with the different role players and ministries in the area of Touswberg/Ladismith/Zoar/van Wyksdorp. As the Lord is the Master builder of this vision, we stand amazed at the number of people that He has sent, placed and established in this area with the heart and mind of this vision.

24 Place of Worship

We are already in the process of setting up an interim place of worship, while we are busy with the planning for the 24 hour worship. The live streaming system is also in the process of being set up and we foresee that it will be life early in 2015.

Kingdom Community and Training

All over the world the Lord is calling His people to gather into Communities, or rather Kingdom Communities. Their intention is not to go into hiding from the world, but rather to create open portals between heaven and earth. Places where people can become part of an off-the-grid independent community, one that serves the Bride of Christ. Places of rest and restoration. Of refreshment in the presence of our awesome Lord. Whether you come to visit, stay or just pass by, we believe you will be touched.

The emotional and social needs are met in a western society which has unlearned how to care for and look after one another as Christ intended us to. When we look at community, we are reminded of the Scripture in John 17, where Jesus was praying for His disciples and all who choose Him, praying that they would be one, as He, Jesus and the Father are one. How unified are we amongst ourselves, how well do we look after one another, spiritually, emotionally and physically? Do we really love one another. God is love, His whole essence emanates love, we are called to be like Christ. We are called to be in one another as Christ is in the Father - that is only made possible by unconditional love. Do we radiate love, are we so in-step with the living God, and those around us, not just family, but every brother and sister in Christ, that we are one?

When Christ looks at us, does He see us in unity? That is His call to us.

Our responsibility is to build this blueprint, set up the structures, train people, so that these communities may be duplicated throughout the world. People will flock to the light, for the light will be that of the Lord’s spirit on our lives. To Him will be all glory and honour.

Matthew 5:14
"You are the light of the world. A city located on a hill can't be hidden.”